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By submitting this form you recognize that…
 A “non-refundable” fee of $100 will be required in order to be placed on the puppy waiting list. This deposit is to ensure us that you are seriously interested in a puppy and understand the responsibility that comes with owning a puppy. This fee will be deducted from the total purchase price of each puppy. If we do not have a puppy available for you at the time of whelping, you may transfer this fee to another litter. Your name will be added to the waiting list once we receive your deposit.
Reserving A Puppy: If you are reserving a puppy that has already been whelped the deposit will be $300. If you are paying the $100 deposit to be placed on the waiting list for a puppy that has not yet been whelped you will be required to pay the additional $200 once you are guaranteed a pup. Checks are an acceptable form of payment for the deposit, but we require that any remaining balance at time of  pickup of your puppy be paid in CASH. Unless you are having a puppy shipped to you. Then you may pay with a check (must have time to clear your bank) or with PayPal (3% fee).
(A fee of $25 will be charged for any “Returned Check”)
Please note:
We reserve the right to deny the adoption of any of our puppies at our own discretion and without explanation. If we do not feel that you are a match for one of our puppies, you will receive a refund for your deposit. 

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