Susanna (Cammie’s niece) and the wheatensandwhoodles family really took care of all of our needs. Buying a puppy here was an amazing experience and felt very comfortable. Susanna made it a very smooth process for us. She made sure to answer all of our questions and concerns with true honesty and always made sure we were comfortable with making this decision to get Olivia. We were so glad Susanna had the patience to send us pictures and videos of our sweet Olivia. Thank you again for everything and we are just so glad to have Olivia home in CA with us. She traveled across the country to be with us! We fell in love instantly 😍🐶💕🐾 she is exactly what Susanna described her as loving, affectionate, and sweet. She is settling in well overall! We can’t wait to get her to puppy kindergarten class to learn commands and have her as our fur baby! She has made us very happy!

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