Hi Cammie!
Rudy, my whoodle, who was “Gregory” when we picked him up from you, is the absolutely BEST thing to ever come into my life. He warms my heart and soul every day and I love him with every fiber in my body.

He was born 4/28/15 so he will be 3 years old this April! We live in center city Philly. He is currently a certified therapy dog and I think he enjoys it very much! We are in the process of visiting patients/staff at the Hospital of Upenn (HUP) and the Children Hosptial of Penn (CHOP). We were also one of the first therapy dogs to visit Temple University and hope to attend more often. We also just had our first visit to the Philadelphia Family Court today! Rudy loves children, all dogs and everybody in general. His favorite place in the world is probably the dog park!

My husband and I may be a bit biased but we believe Rudy has been the most perfect dog anyone could ask for. He was/is easy to train, friendly, calm, playful, kind and willing. I can’t imagine what life was like without him! I have waited for him for so long and am thankful every day that he’s all mine! I refer people to you all of the time! Mostly people on the Philly streets that we stop and meet and fall in love with Rudy. I made Rudy his own Instagram page! It’s “@rudytheredwhoodle” There are tons of pictures of him there! I have also attached a couple photos.

Sorry for such a long message, but as you can tell he is very special to me and I have lots to be grateful for!

Maddie (& Rudy)

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