Just wanted to drop you a quick email regarding our new family member Phoebe.  Wow, where do I start, she is just the most beautiful, loving, cuddly little thing any of us could have ever wished for! she is so much fun and just amazing with her own little personality.  She has adjusted very well and she loves Stitch (the cat) alot, Scout (the dog) is scared to death of her and I think he is just intimidated by her size and as she gets bigger he will be her best friend, as for the rest of the family well she went to bed with Jack last night only until he fell asleep then for the last couple of nights she has somehow wormed her way into our bed, I think Debbie wanted her more than Shelby sometimes.   We have a ton of pics that Debbie will get out to you as soon as we can.  Again I can’t thank you enough and I appreciate everything you have done!

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