Just thought I’d drop you a line and send you a current pic, Ma!
I weigh 52 pounds now and I’m very strong and pretty healthy.  My stomach is sensitive at times, but my doctor says it is a trait in Wheatens. Everybody says I’m handsome and adorable, so I guess I must be! I love to jump and greet my people.  Other people I’m not so sure about sometimes.  I like to bark at people, doggies, cats, squirrels and sometimes even leaves that move around.  I love my voice. I’ve been to school to learn to be good, (I’m still working on it), but most of all,  I love playing.  Especially chase games.   Mom says my Indian name is ‘Runs with Undies’, but I especially love running with shoes, and sticking my head in Mom’s handbag or pockets, or even up her dress sometimes.  She squeaks loudly!  I’ve learned that my people usually chase me around the house if I have something of their’s in my mouth, and that’s such a fun game, too! They give me lots of rubs, scratches and hugs, and say I’m spoiled, whatever that is.  I know I’m loved, even though I’m naughty sometimes. Hope all my siblings have good homes, like I do.
Gotta run! (really)

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