Macc Donald

You may remember this fellow, he was Robbie when he left your kennel in Oct. He is now Macc (Gaelic) Donald as we first met him at Mc Donald’s in Indy. He is a delightful dog full of energy and mischief. We have him groomed by a groomer that breeds poodles and has 3 wheaten clients. She is not big on doodles and normally does not take them.. She took one look at Macc  and said she had to try her hand on him. He looks really cute and she said he had the best of both breeds… But should have had dew claws removed.. Otherwise perfect confirmation. (Plus his legs and ears are turning silver! He may have a little of his mother’s silver phantom look.) We also took him to a new vet as old one retired. His first words when he saw him  were, “this is the perfect dog … No shedding, 39 lbs., 20 inches..and great curiosity ” He had not heard of a Whoodle.  I know one family from Kalamazoo saw him and immediately bought one of your fall litter and we have meet that cutie. Two others told us they were going to your site as they loved the look and personality of Macc. Both are in the market for a new dog. One thing I would note is Macc was a very gaseous fellow the first few weeks …could clear a room very quickly while lying still! After some trial and error we found Taste of the Wild dry food in the Pacific stream with smoked salmon,solved the issue completely. He just does not handle wheat and grain well. So no milk bones. Unfortunately, online at Amazon is best price on 30 lb bag. As you can guess we  highly recommend this doodle to people that like an active,mischievous dog that loves kids and are aware grooming is necessary.  ~Pat and Nelson

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