Dear Cammie,

We Purchased “LUKE”. Now Jasper, two and a half years ago. He is an amazing dog and has brought so much joy to our family. I have enclosed a photo of him with my two kids the day I picked him up from the airport and then a few others. My kids both have anxiety and one has severe allergies. He was obtained as a therapy dog. He has provided so much comfort and joy to our lives and has significantly improved our quality of living. He has become an integral part of the family. We moved across country last year, from California to Chicagoland. He made the journey so much more enjoyable and eased so much stress the kids would have had if they didn’t have him as a companion. HE LOVEs the snow as much as he liked the sand, too. He even traveled back with us this past Christmas and was perfectly behaved on the flight, sitting at my feet! We often consider getting him a furry friend. ( I have to convince my husband as puppy training is exhausting!) If we do, we will be sure to contact you!

Enjoy the photos!
Alix ,Andy, Rory, Bridget and Jasper

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