Here’s an update on Fitz: Fitz is a happy, healthy boy. He has successfully passed 4 obedience classes, and all of the trainers that work with him talk endlessly about how smart and sweet he is. We’ve been asked on several occasions from different trainers if wewould consider therapy work with Fitz because he has the disposition necessary for therapy work. His groomer also talks about his gentle, playful spirit. It’s so good to know that when we take him to classes, the groomer, or out on the town, we know that he can handle new situations, people, and other dogs without becoming aggressive or reactive.
Fitz attends day camp regularly and participates in an enrichment program where he does strength training and flexibility exercises, learns new tricks, and practices rally courses. When he’s home with us, he’s happy to snuggle up for a movie, but he also loves to go to the park, craft stores, and Starbucks. (He’s something of a legend at our local Starbucks. All of the baristas know him by name and love giving him puppicinos and pets. And the staff at our local Hobby Lobby brought treats to keep at the fabric counter just for him! We are frequent visitors there.)
We are so, so thankful that Fitz is part of our family! He truly makes our house a home and brings a warmth and vitality into our lives that we’ve never had before. 
Meghan & Tony 

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