Buddy MOJO

We adopted a whoodle from you November of 2014. His name is Buddy MOJO. Buddy is a playful, spirited, healthy, hyper, young puppy! Buddy’s favorite things include car rides and his five mile walks. We can’t even say those words around him or he goes crazy! Buddy is a very healthy and loves life. Buddy often visits relatives during the day and naps in his cushiony bed. Buddy also enjoys dressing up around the holidays! One of Buddy’s big milestones is being blessed into the church. He is a member of Saint Thomas Becket and attends their pets mass. He is a very holy puppy. He gets his hair cut about two to three times a year. Buddy is looking forward to his first vacation with the family this summer.  Once again thank you so very much from us and  an even bigger thank your from Buddy. “Thank you for finding me such a nice place to call home!”-Buddy MOJO Moore

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