I’ve been meaning to email you and let you know how much we love Brody!  Our 10 year old Cairn has gradually welcomed him into our family with boundaries too . Brody enjoys walks, car rides, meeting other dogs and trying to get skipper’s attention, ha, ha.  He’s even gone on a couple of boat ride in Ocean City and swam  a little before a bath in the bay.  He’s had a busy summer.  He loved visiting Northside Park in Ocean City, MD where there are lots of people and dogs to meet.  He enjoys jumping on the part lab/boxer across the street who is very tolerant. He finally does not soil his crate but once in a while he has an accident in the house especially when it’s been raining so much.  We still are working on minimizing his bites to us ( he knows better than to try that on Skipper though. We must be push overs) and jumping. Although we do let him get on the couches and he even managed to jump onto our four poster bed, I don’t know how!  Anyways, he’s doing great. Thank you so much.

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