We are totally in love with Hazel (aka Fudgie)! I surprised my kids with her last summer and they tell me pretty much every day how I picked out the best dog ever! I have horrible allergies to cats and most dogs,  so a Whoodle was the best choice for us… and I can finally love a dog with no worries. She is the sweetest most loving dog! She loves to chase balls(…and leaves and fireflies!) and catches frisbees(very athletic), obsessed with stuffed animals(doesn’t chew them up, just loves them), loves to cuddle,  gets along with all dogs, goes on runs and walks with my kids, and is very smart. She is shy with human strangers,  but warms up quickly. She is always excited to greet us at the door with her giant teethy grin and likes to be wherever we are.  The bandana picture is from her 2nd grooming last month… she is almost 16 months old! 

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