A puppy’s success in life is due in a large part to his/her health. If a puppy is healthy, she will continue to be the darling playful fur baby her family cuddled as they carried her to her new home. She will explore and grow, discover and learn, and bond and blossom with a zest for life and love in a way that only a puppy can. She will tickle with her antics, awe with her tricks, and melt hearts with her winsome ways! However, if she is less than healthy, or if she has propensities to problematic issues, she will be a weight of worry to her loving family, at the least, or a financial burden and heartbreak, at the most (or anywhere in between the two extremes!)

Wheatens And Whoodles believes in keeping puppies and dogs healthy from start to finish. For that reason we use NuVet Labs vitamin supplements with our dogs to strengthen their immune systems, fortify their joints, and help eliminate the effects of harmful free radicals found in our modern day lives. Oftentimes, the most common places and the most everyday substances can be the most dangerous for our dear furry companions: doggie parks, vets’ offices, home and yard pesticides, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde in carpet and furniture, etc. NuVet Labs, with their team of veterinarians, physicians, pet nutritionists, scientist, nutraceutical formulator, doctor of pharmacy, and pharmacists, has created products to combat the microscopic ravages of our modern society, as well as feed, nourish and strengthen the bodies of our most trusted and loyal four legged friends.

After over eight years of researching, formulating and testing, NuVet Labs has developed a guaranteed, 100% pure and natural, chicken liver based, canine (as well as feline) supplement program to help avoid and eliminate many of the problems facing our dogs today. NuVet Labs has 2 main supplement products – NuVet Plus, and NuJoint Plus.

NuVet Plus Vitamins

NuVet Plus is an all-natural combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs blended with all natural chicken liver to make a savory treat even picky dogs love. It comes in wafer form (for one a day feeding), or powder form (with double chicken liver for extra persnicity pets!) The purpose of NuVet Plus is to fill in the nutritional gaps that often occur with commercial dog foods, while neutralizing the free radicals that all of us, pet and owner alike, are exposed to daily. NuVet Plus significantly reduces or eliminates many problems that dogs can struggle with: hot spots, allergies, digestive issues, tumors, cataracts, low energy levels, heart disease, as well as many others. NuVet Plus is not just another canine vitamin supplement. It fights the causes of dog issues at their source – inside the dog’s body, inside the individual cells. If you want to give your puppy the greatest chance for a long healthy life, NuVet Plus is for you (or rather for your dear puppy!)!


NuJoint Plus Supplements

NuJoint Plus is the most powerful and effective joint health supplement on the market today. It was formulated to specifically target canine joint problems such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint pain, hip dysplasia, cartilage damage, as well as other issues. Along with healing many joint problems, it also strengthens joints and prevents problems before they develop. Made of 100% natural, human-grade ingredients, NuJoint Plus is combined with the same palatable chicken liver as NuVet Plus, making it a hit with even the pickiest of dogs! NuJoint Plus’s healing ingredients, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C (Ester-C), and MSM, are available in wafer or powder form, with the dosage varying according to the dog’s weight. If your canine companion suffers from any sort of bone or joint disease or discomfort, or if you simply want to avoid the same, then NuJoint Plus is your best choice!!

Because our canine mothers are given NuVet Plus vitamins daily, our puppies are receiving them as well from the moment of conception. At about 4-5 weeks old, when Mama begins her weaning process, we start the puppies on their own doses of the same vitamins, thus continuing the same protection for them as they prepare for their new homes. Because we value the health of our puppies, even once they are with their new families, and because we believe that our puppies are of excellent health, and because we trust the positive effects of the NuVet supplements, our puppies’ Extended Health Guarantee is contingent upon the continuation of the same vitamin regimen that was begun here with us. They can be easily purchased online at NuVet, or by phone at 800-474-7044, order code 33861. (The order code is needed to place any orders.)