Hi Cammie!  Thanks for checking in!  We love to share photos of Bodie!  He is a year old now and he just fills our lives with joy each and every day!  He is the absolute sweetest, smartest, goofiest, most loving, patient and well-behaved dog on the planet!  Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love

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  Sadie is doing great at 17 weeks!  She just started Puppy Kindergarten classes and mastered sitting week one!  She is pretty much potty trained – definitely through the night and pretty good during the day with the occasional accident.  She is fully crate trained too and never cries or whines when we put her

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“Macc Donald”

You may remember this fellow, he was Robbie when he left your kennel in Oct. He is now Macc (Gaelic) Donald as we first met him at Mc Donald’s in Indy. He is a delightful dog full of energy and mischief. We have him groomed by a groomer that breeds poodles and has 3 wheaten

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I’ve been meaning to email you about Oliver.  He’s doing great and is such a love!  I’ve never known a dog to be such a cuddler.  He thinks he’s a lap dog too!  He gets along so great with Stella our Wheaten.  She loves him too.  She brings him toys to play with – so

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Daisy is doing great! She is such a sweet girl! ~ Andrea


Hi Cammie! As you know, we LOVE our Super!!  He is the most loving, well behaved puppy ever!!  He is awesome with our kids and all of the other animals here on the farm!  Thank you sooo much for him!  Attached is two pics of him, one before he got his summer cut and one

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Updated pictures of Finn, thinks he is king of the house. We just love him!  He went for his first boat ride last week and he was like an old pro getting around on our boat.  Hope all is well.  Elizabeth Cutshall


As soon as I picked up our Penelope from the airport, it was love at first sight! We can’t seem to get enough of our mini whoodle. Everyone who encounters her comments on her beautiful coat (she’s red, black and cream) and her disposition. People rave about how well behaved she is for a puppy.

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“Willow” & “Spicy”

We absolutely love our two girls…… F. Coleman


Here is the cutie at 10 months. We’ll celebrate her first birthday on August 19. She has a terrific temperament, is everybody’s (dogs and people) friend, and is very loving. We treasure her, spoil her and enjoy her immensely. Ed & Rosanna