He’s really such a wonderful guy, and the love of our lives! Thanks so much for breeding such wonder pups! You will notice in one of the pictures there is a dog that almost looks like Frankie’s twin, he’s in fact a Whoodle from your friends/family in South Carolina. What a small world! We just

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Hi there, Fergie is doing great! She is a wonderful member of our family and has a beautiful temperament. She is beautiful inside and out. Our dog walker says she is his favorite…very smart and well behaved. Just wanted to send a quick one.  Thanks again!!! ~ Michael


Dear Cammie, I thought you might enjoy some photos of “LUKE” now Jasper as he just turned one! He has become a loved family member and is the biggest hit at the dog park. He is very sweet, incredibly fast, friendly to all and extremely tolerant of our two active kids. Enjoy and thanks. ~

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“Buddy MOJO”

We adopted a whoodle from you November of 2014. His name is Buddy MOJO. Buddy is a playful, spirited, healthy, hyper, young puppy! Buddy’s favorite things include car rides and his five mile walks. We can’t even say those words around him or he goes crazy! Buddy is a very healthy and loves life. Buddy

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Just thought I’d drop you a line and send you a current pic, Ma! I weigh 52 pounds now and I’m very strong and pretty healthy.  My stomach is sensitive at times, but my doctor says it is a trait in Wheatens. Everybody says I’m handsome and adorable, so I guess I must be! I

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We adopted “Kristopher” now known as Oscar 2-1/2 months ago and he is a delight! In addition to adorable, he is very playful and affectionate.  He loves to be outdoors and was easy to socialize.  He has made lots of puppy friends at doggy daycare, and the staff adore him.   He is 24 weeks and

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Punkin loves the lake ~ Mike

“Fozzie Bear”

Wonderful Puppy. We love Fozzie so much. I can’t tell you how many people stop me and ask where I got him. And did I mention. ..smart smart smart Thanks so much   Elaine


Rudder is 16 weeks old and 16 pounds.  We adore him! ~The McKenna’s


Hi! We could never thank you enough for Brinkley. From the minute I saw him on your Web site I was in love. I didn’t know how to convince my husband to spend that kind of $ but all the stars alligned (your videos helped!) and he fell in love too. He is 10 months

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