Studies have taught us that babies are born with developing little minds that are like sponges ~ drinking up all the surrounding stimuli, whether for good or harm. Little puppies are no different. Here at Wheatens And Whoodles, we use two programs to encourage the early stimulation and socialization of our puppies. Our purpose is to provide puppies that are genetically sound, physically healthy, and socially flexible.

babyboy2It has been found that the developing neurological systems of puppies can be enhanced during a small window of time in their first two weeks of life. We utilize the Bio Sensor Program (also called the Super Dog Program), developed by Dr. Carmen Baglia, and used by the US Military for their canine units. This program is a series of five simple daily exercises for fourteen days. It has been found to increase cardiovascular and adrenal health, strengthen immunity, aide in the tolerance of stress, and enhance learning capacity as the puppies grow to adulthood. We include these exercises along with the normal love, cuddles, attention and care that we give the puppies daily.

Puppies have another developmental window that extends from about two weeks through to sixteen weeks. It is during this time that a puppy is processing the social stimuli. We follow the Rule of 7 Program to encourage the beautiful blossoming of the puppies’ confidence and their individual personalities. In the Rule of 7 Program, the puppies begin experiencing controlled exposure to a variety of changes. For example, we allow them to walk on as near to seven different floor surfaces as possible: linoleum, cement, grass, gravel, carpet, etc. We do the same with inside and outside locations, people to meet, and activities, just to name a few. Since the puppies are generally not with us through to the sixteen weeks, we encourage our puppies’ families to continue their exposure, thus creating the confident, loving, loveable dogs each one was meant to be.