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Rocky & Rooster

We adopted Rocky and Rooster in August 2016. The boys have definitely stolen our hearts and have taken top priority in our everyday lives. Not only are they too cute for words, they are healthy, happy little guys who are filled with boundless energy. Rocky and Rooster have been easy to train and have mastered many verbal and hand commands. Our boys are eager to please and very well tempered. We are glad we adopted both. They are truly a joy!

Diane & Doug Stackhouse


Here is a picture of Crosby he was a puppy from February 26,2016 litter. He is a wonderful dog!! He has been a wonderful addition to our family! He is a miniature and weighs about 23lbs.


Here is Lola 🙂 We love her more than anything in this world!


Oliver was born on June 1, 2016. Ever since the day we brought him home, he’s been so happy and healthy. Everyone in the neighborhood knows him by name because he is always smiling and friendly. He’s the best boy!



We couldn’t be more in love with Ruby. She’s the sweetest and most gentle pup. She loves her sisters so much and our family wouldn’t be the same without her.

Jenny Jaffe


She is the smartest, sweetest, most connected and loving dog I could have ever imagined.She has made such a positive impact on our family and I don’t think any of us imagine life without her. I hope you are well.Thank you for your care in breeding some really special dogs.


Hi Cammie, Schmoopy (used to be Pollie) is doing great now.  Here’s an updated pic of her.


Hi, I’m Newman (June 2016 litter) and I now live in Manhattan. I love belly rubs and playing with tennis balls. My mom and dad say I’m smart, have the best disposition and very easy to train. Everyone stops me on the street to say how handsome and friendly I am. Thank you Cammie for introducing me to my family – I’m the happiest pup! 


Doodle is healthy and a very active little boy.  He loves attention, and is a wonderful addition to our family.  The totally non-shed coat is a real plus. 

I have attached a picture of him.



Hi Cammie,

Here’s a picture of our sweet girl, Rosie. She spends her days lounging in the family room and darting around the yard with her 3 sisters (starting following a shelter on Facebook…3 chihuahuas later). We love them all but Rosie is our dearest baby. She’s extremely friendly, funny and gentle.

Warm regards,



We adopted a puppy from you on Dec 26, 2015. He’s from the litter born on Sept 20, 2015. His name is Quincy, and he is the beloved baby in the family. People frequently ask about whoodles and where we got him, and we always tell them about you.

Attached is a recent picture.
Thank you!


Hi Cammie!
Rudy, my whoodle, who was “Gregory” when we picked him up from you, is the absolutely BEST thing to ever come into my life. He warms my heart and soul every day and I love him with every fiber in my body.

He was born 4/28/15 so he will be 3 years old this April! We live in center city Philly. He is currently a certified therapy dog and I think he enjoys it very much! We are in the process of visiting patients/staff at the Hospital of Upenn (HUP) and the Children Hosptial of Penn (CHOP). We were also one of the first therapy dogs to visit Temple University and hope to attend more often. We also just had our first visit to the Philadelphia Family Court today! Rudy loves children, all dogs and everybody in general. His favorite place in the world is probably the dog park!

My husband and I may be a bit biased but we believe Rudy has been the most perfect dog anyone could ask for. He was/is easy to train, friendly, calm, playful, kind and willing. I can’t imagine what life was like without him! I have waited for him for so long and am thankful every day that he’s all mine! I refer people to you all of the time! Mostly people on the Philly streets that we stop and meet and fall in love with Rudy. I made Rudy his own Instagram page! It’s “@rudytheredwhoodle” There are tons of pictures of him there! I have also attached a couple photos.

Sorry for such a long message, but as you can tell he is very special to me and I have lots to be grateful for!

Maddie (& Rudy)


Hi Cammie,

We are so in love with Harry! He’s turning 2 years old next month and he’s brought tons of happiness to our lives. He’s the sweetest, most lovable pup in the world. He loves all humans and dogs and is extremely intelligent. Thank you!!


Dear Cammie,

We Purchased “LUKE”. Now Jasper, two and a half years ago. He is an amazing dog and has brought so much joy to our family. I have enclosed a photo of him with my two kids the day I picked him up from the airport and then a few others. My kids both have anxiety and one has severe allergies. He was obtained as a therapy dog. He has provided so much comfort and joy to our lives and has significantly improved our quality of living. He has become an integral part of the family. We moved across country last year, from California to Chicagoland. He made the journey so much more enjoyable and eased so much stress the kids would have had if they didn’t have him as a companion. HE LOVEs the snow as much as he liked the sand, too. He even traveled back with us this past Christmas and was perfectly behaved on the flight, sitting at my feet! We often consider getting him a furry friend. ( I have to convince my husband as puppy training is exhausting!) If we do, we will be sure to contact you!

Enjoy the photos!
Alix ,Andy, Rory, Bridget and Jasper


Hi Cammie–
We are beyond in love with our Stevie..(formerly Drake of Dec2016)
We want another one-lol!!! BEST dog ever!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Finn has been the best dog. Learned all the basics quickly. He will be 2 yrs old next month.

Jack & Amelia

Hi Cammie,

This is Jack who was born in September 2011 and Amelia (Whoodle) born in June 2016. Both dogs are healthy and happy. 




 I adopted Marcus Nov 21 2015. He is doing well, so smart, happy friendly to all (cats, children, dogs, even those that are not so nice to him). he’s so happy to see you even if you’ve only been gone a moment. He gives loads of kisses, is protective and so sensitive to emotion. He is such a wonderful addition to the family and I love every minute w him.


Great addition to the family

Worth the drive. Great addition to the family. Excellent temperament. Easy to train.

Samara Sweig


H Cammie,

Wanted to send a big thank you! We adopted Murphy (Buster from Dec 2016 litter) and have been blessed with the most fun loving pup ever! Murphy is all about playing with his pup friends in the neighborhood and going for swims in the river during the summer. He is the best buddy ever and gives us so much joy!

Emmie Cook

Cocoa (Beth)

This is Cocoa, she was in the Dec. 2016 litter. We absolutely adore her, her face and her eyelashes melt us every day. Such a happy and well adjusted girl!!! I tell everyone we know about your whoodles!

Kim Walsh


We got Remington from the Fall 2016 litter and he has been amazing! He is so smart and was able to be trained very easily. His favorite things are the squeakers in toys, running in the backyard, cuddling and holding hands. When he sits on the couch he makes us hold his paw while he watches tv! He is so silly and is my very best friend.Thank you so much for the opportunity and special addition to my family.

Kristen Miskinis


Here is a recent picture of Toby!
Thank you so much, he is so loving, spunky, playful and well behaved! He has brought so much love and happiness to our family! I can’t thank you enough!


We absolutely LOVE her!! !- David


MacCoul (was Bo) from 1/17/18 – MacCoul is from the December 2016 litter. Wakes up happy and goes to bed happy!! What a joy to have in our family!!



Dear Cammie,
I thought you might enjoy some photos of “LUKE” now Jasper as he just turned one!
He has become a loved family member and is the biggest hit at the dog park.
He is very sweet, incredibly fast, friendly to all and extremely tolerant of our two active kids. Enjoy and thanks. ~ Alix

Buddy MOJO

We adopted a whoodle from you November of 2014. His name is Buddy MOJO. Buddy is a playful, spirited, healthy, hyper, young puppy! Buddy’s favorite things include car rides and his five mile walks. We can’t even say those words around him or he goes crazy! Buddy is a very healthy and loves life. Buddy often visits relatives during the day and naps in his cushiony bed. Buddy also enjoys dressing up around the holidays! One of Buddy’s big milestones is being blessed into the church. He is a member of Saint Thomas Becket and attends their pets mass. He is a very holy puppy. He gets his hair cut about two to three times a year. Buddy is looking forward to his first vacation with the family this summer.  Once again thank you so very much from us and  an even bigger thank your from Buddy. “Thank you for finding me such a nice place to call home!”-Buddy MOJO Moore


Just thought I’d drop you a line and send you a current pic, Ma!
I weigh 52 pounds now and I’m very strong and pretty healthy.  My stomach is sensitive at times, but my doctor says it is a trait in Wheatens. Everybody says I’m handsome and adorable, so I guess I must be! I love to jump and greet my people.  Other people I’m not so sure about sometimes.  I like to bark at people, doggies, cats, squirrels and sometimes even leaves that move around.  I love my voice. I’ve been to school to learn to be good, (I’m still working on it), but most of all,  I love playing.  Especially chase games.   Mom says my Indian name is ‘Runs with Undies’, but I especially love running with shoes, and sticking my head in Mom’s handbag or pockets, or even up her dress sometimes.  She squeaks loudly!  I’ve learned that my people usually chase me around the house if I have something of their’s in my mouth, and that’s such a fun game, too! They give me lots of rubs, scratches and hugs, and say I’m spoiled, whatever that is.  I know I’m loved, even though I’m naughty sometimes. Hope all my siblings have good homes, like I do.
Gotta run! (really)


We adopted “Kristopher” now known as Oscar 2-1/2 months ago and he is a delight! In addition to adorable, he is very playful and affectionate.  He loves to be outdoors and was easy to socialize.  He has made lots of puppy friends at doggy daycare, and the staff adore him.   He is 24 weeks and is growing steadily, currently 26 pounds!  He is learning his puppy manners quickly, despite his stubborn streak!  He has brought tons of joy to my husband and I. 
Thank you for the awesome job raising these puppies and getting them ready for adoption.  Here are some current pictures! ~ Shannon


Punkin loves the lake ~ Mike

Fozzie Bear

Wonderful Puppy. We love Fozzie so much. I can’t tell you how many people stop me and ask where I got him. And did I mention. smart smart
Thanks so much



Rudder is 16 weeks old and 16 pounds.  We adore him! ~The McKenna’s


Hi! We could never thank you enough for Brinkley. From the minute I saw him on your Web site I was in love. I didn’t know how to convince my husband to spend that kind of $ but all the stars alligned (your videos helped!) and he fell in love too. He is 10 months now & non-stop fun. His energy can outlast all 4 of our kiddos but when you want him to chill he is Mr. Lapdog! Such a love bug. He turns heads wherever we are. Maybe some day we can bring him to visit! Thank you again! ~Nicole


Hi Cammie! Thanks for checking in! We love to share photos of Bodie! He is a year old now and he just fills our lives with joy each and every day! He is the absolute sweetest, smartest, goofiest, most loving, patient and well-behaved dog on the planet! Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him! We couldn’t be happier and cannot imagine our lives without Bodie! ~Leeron & Chadd


Sadie is doing great at 17 weeks! She just started Puppy Kindergarten classes and mastered sitting week one! She is pretty much potty trained – definitely through the night and pretty good during the day with the occasional accident. She is fully crate trained too and never cries or whines when we put her in Sadie is a good girl and has a lot of energy. She loves to play and go on walks, though she’s recently taken to barking at the mailman, garbage truck and occasional passerby! She just finished up her puppy shots at her last appointment and weighed in at 7 lbs., 4 oz. The kids love her and she truly gets cuter every day. ~Stephanie

Macc Donald

You may remember this fellow, he was Robbie when he left your kennel in Oct. He is now Macc (Gaelic) Donald as we first met him at Mc Donald’s in Indy. He is a delightful dog full of energy and mischief. We have him groomed by a groomer that breeds poodles and has 3 wheaten clients. She is not big on doodles and normally does not take them.. She took one look at Macc  and said she had to try her hand on him. He looks really cute and she said he had the best of both breeds… But should have had dew claws removed.. Otherwise perfect confirmation. (Plus his legs and ears are turning silver! He may have a little of his mother’s silver phantom look.) We also took him to a new vet as old one retired. His first words when he saw him  were, “this is the perfect dog … No shedding, 39 lbs., 20 inches..and great curiosity ” He had not heard of a Whoodle.  I know one family from Kalamazoo saw him and immediately bought one of your fall litter and we have meet that cutie. Two others told us they were going to your site as they loved the look and personality of Macc. Both are in the market for a new dog. One thing I would note is Macc was a very gaseous fellow the first few weeks …could clear a room very quickly while lying still! After some trial and error we found Taste of the Wild dry food in the Pacific stream with smoked salmon,solved the issue completely. He just does not handle wheat and grain well. So no milk bones. Unfortunately, online at Amazon is best price on 30 lb bag. As you can guess we  highly recommend this doodle to people that like an active,mischievous dog that loves kids and are aware grooming is necessary.  ~Pat and Nelson


I’ve been meaning to email you about Oliver.  He’s doing great and is such a love!  I’ve never known a dog to be such a cuddler.  He thinks he’s a lap dog too!  He gets along so great with Stella our Wheaten.  She loves him too.  She brings him toys to play with – so sweet!  This picture is a few weeks old.  I’m hoping to get other pictures with a better camera later this week. ~The Cole Family


Daisy is doing great! She is such a sweet girl! ~ Andrea


Hi Cammie!

As you know, we LOVE our Super!!  He is the most loving, well behaved puppy ever!!  He is awesome with our kids and all of the other animals here on the farm!  Thank you sooo much for him!  Attached is two pics of him, one before he got his summer cut and one after!  
Thank you!!


Updated pictures of Finn, thinks he is king of the house. We just love him! He went for his first boat ride last week and he was like an old pro getting around on our boat. Hope all is well. ~Elizabeth


As soon as I picked up our Penelope from the airport, it was love at first sight! We can’t seem to get enough of our mini whoodle. Everyone who encounters her comments on her beautiful coat (she’s red, black and cream) and her disposition. People rave about how well behaved she is for a puppy. Penelope loves to play and snuggle. However, her new favorite thing is laying in the breeze in the yard for hours while eating sticks or cooling off in front of the fan. She is extremely smart and catching on fast! She has quickly become best friends with our other dog, a shitzu, named Dexter. We can’t say thank you enough for our Penelope! She is loved by all! We highly recommend using you as a breeder and couldn’t give more of a glowing recommendation in picking a breeder or a breed!
Attached are a few pictures of our sweet, sweet Penelope. She is currently 4.5 months

Willow & Spicy

We absolutely love our two girls…… F. Coleman


Here is the cutie at 10 months. We’ll celebrate her first birthday on August 19. She has a terrific temperament, is everybody’s (dogs and people) friend, and is very loving. We treasure her, spoil her and enjoy her immensely.
Ed & Rosanna


Shadow has been the perfect addition to our family.  He is very laid back extremely smart.  He has been perfect with our boys as well as other children in the neighborhood.  He’s friendly, loving and even gets along with other animals.  I have never had a dog that loves going to the vet and even to the groomer.  Everyone on staff at the vet and groomer has even become attached to him.  He was easy to housebreak and we’ve never even had issues with him tearing up furniture, shoes, clothing or going in the trash.  He is truly been a joy to have. ~J. Peters & Family


I’ve been meaning to email you and let you know how much we love Brody!  Our 10 year old Cairn has gradually welcomed him into our family with boundaries too . Brody enjoys walks, car rides, meeting other dogs and trying to get skipper’s attention, ha, ha.  He’s even gone on a couple of boat ride in Ocean City and swam  a little before a bath in the bay.  He’s had a busy summer.  He loved visiting Northside Park in Ocean City, MD where there are lots of people and dogs to meet.  He enjoys jumping on the part lab/boxer across the street who is very tolerant. He finally does not soil his crate but once in a while he has an accident in the house especially when it’s been raining so much.  We still are working on minimizing his bites to us ( he knows better than to try that on Skipper though. We must be push overs) and jumping. Although we do let him get on the couches and he even managed to jump onto our four poster bed, I don’t know how!  Anyways, he’s doing great. Thank you so much.


This is Bella’s favorite place to be! Bella is doing great!  She is in her chewy mode, but she has a doggy rope so no problem there. She is extremely quiet at night and will sleep 6 hours without needing to go out.  She is also discovering her voice and seems to want to answer when you question her. If I ask her 3 questions she answers each one with a little growl or a light bark…she really wants to talk. Her last round of shots will be Nov 17th and she will be good to go until next year.

Thanks very much and I will send pictures when she gets bigger…which is happening quickly.
Timothy D.


Big Boy is doing well having a little trouble with the SC heat but we have had him in the pool and he sits on the top step like he owns the roost. When he is in the house he sleeps on the A/C vents. He has been doing well with the crate training. And the boys love him. After many attempts to come up with the perfect Irish name his personality led us to Jack. He is so carefree and mellow.
Hope all is well will send some pictures soon,
Jim – S.C.

Daisy May

Thank you again so much! We had a fabulous day with her. She’s perfect in every way! We just love her so much! She seems to be at home here. I’ll be in touch and keep you updated and send pictures. Thank you, Nicole


Just wanted to drop you a quick email regarding our new family member Phoebe.  Wow, where do I start, she is just the most beautiful, loving, cuddly little thing any of us could have ever wished for! she is so much fun and just amazing with her own little personality.  She has adjusted very well and she loves Stitch (the cat) alot, Scout (the dog) is scared to death of her and I think he is just intimidated by her size and as she gets bigger he will be her best friend, as for the rest of the family well she went to bed with Jack last night only until he fell asleep then for the last couple of nights she has somehow wormed her way into our bed, I think Debbie wanted her more than Shelby sometimes.   We have a ton of pics that Debbie will get out to you as soon as we can.  Again I can’t thank you enough and I appreciate everything you have done!


Just a quick note to say THANK YOU and to let you know how much we are enjoying The puppy we adopted between Christmas and New Years (2008/2009).  He has truly added many smiles and entertainment to our home.  Rascal was the perfect choice for us and goes on many outings with us – even enjoys plane rides in our plane (isn’t real happy about bumpy rides). Goes to the farm to cut wood (not real sure about the horses), and loves the market.  Please know that you have an open invitation to vist with him and us. Dianne and Eric Stroudsburg, PA


Hi there, Fergie is doing great! She is a wonderful member of our family and has a beautiful temperament. She is beautiful inside and out. Our dog walker says she is his favorite…very smart and well behaved. Just wanted to send a quick one. Thanks again!!! ~ Michael


He’s really such a wonderful guy, and the love of our lives! Thanks so much for breeding such wonder pups! You will notice in one of the pictures there is a dog that almost looks like Frankie’s twin, he’s in fact a Whoodle from your friends/family in South Carolina. What a small world! We just happened to run into them in a dog park in Brooklyn.~ Christine



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